Actioning the Global Goals for Local Impact: Towards Sustainability Science, Policy, Education and Practice

Towards Sustainability Science, Policy, Education and Practice


Impact: This book contributes to sustainability studies, as it focuses on local operationalization of all 17 Global Goals in an impactful manner. This book is the result of collaborative and interdisciplinary research work by sustainability leaders from all over the world, namely, scientists, researchers, educators and practitioners. Disconnected educational systems and policy practices from global and local sustainability trends create skepticism about the potential of the research institutions in contributing towards policy debates and issues centring on the question of sustainability, which compromise the wellbeing of all. Preliminary investigations identified that a few reasons for this were limited understanding of the context; lack of an overall approach to sustainability, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and inadequacies in the education sector and collaboration processes amongst academics, educators and practitioners to achieve global sustainability targets (Franco et al. 2018; Franco and Tracey 2019).