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BOOK Gender Aspects of Sustainable Development: A Global Overview





Open for innovations (in the form of a book chapter) exploring gender, sustainability/climate change and nutrition

MY 30, 2023

Springer, Science for Sustainable Societies Series


Published by Springer, this book contributes to sustainability since the chapters will focus on various approaches taken by women for sustainability as well as challenges faced by them, which will serve as examples of good practices as well as shed light on disparities. The manuscript has incorporated issues of gender inclusion from various sectors, including conservation, natural resource management, water and sanitation, climate vulnerability, fashion, as well as technology. Addressing gender biases and gender-specific impacts of global environmental changes is crucial to facilitate inclusive development. Addressing these issues will also facilitate identifying solutions and create pathways for women empowerment. Identifying good practices and examples of sustainable practices by women worldwide will act as a handbook and guide for accelerating and leveling up women’s involvement in sustainable development.

Book Chapters

  • Going beyond the traditional gender role for life on land: Women’s role, challenges and achievement in restoring Khata corridor of Terai Arc Landscape Nepal.
  • Gender-transformative renewable energy transition as a pathway to sustainable development: lessons learned in Malawi, Africa
  • Building sustainable fashion futures: Women’s disruptive actions.
  • Advancing gender equality in water related disaster management
  • Using gender equality to tackle youth unemployment in Africa
  • Economic empowerment in Piura’s rural entrepreneur home: a measurement model
  • Toward a Women-Centric Approach to Sustainability in Resource Regions
  • Sustainable Human Capital in the Extractive Industry – The Case of Colombian Women
  • Women and Sustainable Development: Mainstreaming Gender in the United Nations 2030 Agenda
  • Gender Mainstreaming: Social, Economic and Institutional Contributions for Sustainable Community Development
  • The impact on women of internal control practices and health services in Uganda
  • Exploring the Waste management and Gender Nexus
  • Gender mainstreaming in the Climate Technology Centre & Network: a review of a case of good practice within the UNFCCC process
  • Sustainable Development and curbing gender inequality through Inclusion of women in Policy Making
  • Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction and Involvement of women in Mitigating the  Disaster Impacts
  • Equality, Peace, or economic sustainability: which one comes first, and are they related?
  • Women involvement in conservation: culture and empowerment nexus
  • Implications of water security on indigenous women- Case from buffer zones of Nepal  
  • Youth Participation in Indigenous Territorial Governance 
  • Building Capability For Knowledge Creation: A Symbolic Interaction Analysis of Capacity Building Engagements of Women In A Community Setting