Foro de Mujeres en Sostenibilidad 2017

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Theme: Towards Sustainable Human Capital Development: Attraction and Retention of Women in the Extractive Industry

Location: Antofagasta, Chile

The Women Sustainability Forum 2017 was able to convene participants from various interest groups (private sector, government, academia and civil society). The first part of the event was held in a chair format, while in the second part evolved into a consultation workshop. The findings of the workshop allowed us to respond in a preliminary way to the problems related to sustainable human capital development, attraction and retention of women in the extractive industry. The contribution of the participants allowed us to better understand the opportunities and challenges of the extractive industry. Findings recommended effective collaboration processes to leverage the role of women as an axis central to sustainable regional development.

Session 1: Attraction and Retention of Women in the Industry. An Approach to Sustainable Human Capital Development

The objective of the workshop was to carry out an informative/consultative process to explore opportunities for insertion, attraction and human capital development in the extractive industry (mining, oil and gas) at the local and global levels. Likewise, it sought to generate recommendations aimed at consulting about opportunities to create approaches to social and corporate sustainability that generate added value for interest groups (industry, women in mining, oil and gas, governments and civil society). Some of the topics covered by the Forum were, among others:

  1. Sustainable human capital development in the extractive industry
  2. Attraction and retention of women in males dominated industries

Sponsors and speakers of this event

  • Women in Mining Chile 
  • School of Business, Universidad Católica del Norte
  • Local Government of Antofagasta
  • Plataforma Consulting
  • Civil Society Organisations (CBOs)

Find out more about the WSF 2017 (report available in Spanish only)