Responsible Business

Responsible Business and Social Performance

Responsible Business is defined as the ability of an organization to produce valued products or services responsibility while maintaining its future performance and operations.Responsible businesses create long-term value by implementing a business plan that adequately accommodates the needs of stakeholders in the social, economic and environmental domains. It focuses on the long-term growth and future of organizations and their stakeholders, rather than on short-term profit. The current trend in the responsible business community indicates that many companies have moved their focus away from short-term profit towards responsible, sustainable growth. 

We bring together all thematic areas of corporate social responsibility and business sustainability risk, including human rights and labour rights, as well as information disclosure, environment, consumer interests, science and technology, competition and taxation.

Our Services:

Sustainable Value Creation 

Social Performance Strategy

Supply Chain and Traceability Studies

Confidential Due Diligence Studies (mergers and acquisitions)

Business Ethics and Human Rights Impact Assessment

Corporate Governance