United Nations International Resource Panel Report: Land restoration for Achieving the SDGs


Land restoration for Achieving the SDGs


Partners: United Nations International Resource Panel

Impact: Land Restoration for achieving SDG 16: Promoting Sustainable Peace, Accountable, Inclusive Institutions and Justice for All

​​Land provides the most fundamental resource for nourishment and sustenance for a vast majority of the world’s population. When land is degraded and food supply is threatened human populations often descend to the most basic of instincts to survive and compete over scarce resources. Such a resource rush can lead to further land degradation and a proverbial “tragedy of the commons”. restoring land has the potential for reversing such trends and there has been growing consensus to harness such peace dividends. Disputes over land need to be adjudicated  fairly so that a respect for the judicial process can also prevent conflict escalation. Land restoration also provides an opportunity to “enlarge the pie” for dispute resolution pathways and possible solutions out of intractable conflict for professionals in the justice system