Toward a Women-Centric Approach to Sustainability in Resource Regions Partners: IBF, eWisely Network


IBF, eWisely Network


Impact:The world has experienced rapid resource development threatening community livelihoods and human capital assets, particularly those of women. This research explores the linkage between disruptive industries like extractives and lack of sustainable livelihood options for women, which at the present scenario is not only causing productivity losses in extractive enterprises, but is also jeopardizing regional sustainability in resource locations. Research findings presented in this article show that stakeholders are increasingly being tasked with social responsibilities to forge sustainable livelihoods and enhance the human capital of communities, particularly of women. However, they do not know how to respond to emerging sustainability challenges. The paper proposes a strategic women-centric approach to sustainability to help stakeholders integrate women’s livelihoods and human capital assets into the extractive industry or other economic sectors relevant for the local economy. This approach has the potential to foster overall sustainability, particularly in the context of developing resource regions. This piece is based on a qualitative research technique for data analysis and case study research methodology.