Conversation Series: The Future of Sustainability Solutions report


Conversation Series


Impact: This report presents the highlights from roundtable discussions at the Future of Sustainability Solutions, held on 3rd June at Customs House, Brisbane and hosted by The University of Queensland Australian Institute for Business and Economics (AIBE) and the Centre for Policy Futures (CPF). As the current pandemic sets a new vision for global action towards an inclusive and sustainable world, the success of organizations depends on how well they can pivot to the next normal. Business executives, policymakers, academics, and practitioners have embarked on integrating sustainability into corporate and policy agendas, with the aim to decarbonise economies and mitigate climate change, conserve and restore natural environments, reduce pollution and improve resource use efficiency.

Not least, some enablers are the incorporation of sustainable business models and processes; new technologies; environmental, social, governance (ESG) indicators; climate finance; and carbon offsets. But while the corresponding themes of Circular Economy, Carbon Markets, Technology Platforms, Corporate Purpose, Biodiversity and Community Transitions are widely touted to achieve sustainability goals, a problem confronting these actors is limited knowledge as to what such concepts mean exactly, and how to apply them in an impactful and contextualized way at an organizational, local, regional or national level. The Future of Sustainability Solutions brought together over seventy stakeholders from government, the private sector and civil society to discuss these issues. The key takeaways from these discussions are presented below.