Beyond CSR? The Global Business of Local Sustainability

Beyond CSR?


Partners: IBF, Continental Gold mining company, AngloGold Ashanti, Seafields Resources Canadian Exploration Company, Local and State governments of Antioquia and Risaralda, Ministry of Mines of Colombia, AngloAmerican Chile, The University of Queensland and civil society organizations.

Impact: In recent years there has been increasing emphasis on the need for greater involvement of global business in fostering local sustainability. Various old forms of business ethics and corporate social responsibility are being replaced by sustainable 5business practices. Here, the private sector plays a key role. Yet, the role of the market, in mitigating the conflicting demands of the global economy and local livelihoods, is under- investigated. Dr. Isabel Franco’s book: ‘Beyond CSR? The global business of local sustainability’, explores the linkage between global mining and local livelihoods, which currently causes productive losses in the industry on account of delays and extra wages for imported labor as well as it fosters discontent and tensions in the region affected. The book is based on research findings, field observations and interviews with local corporate and government officials and community-based organizations. It focuses on the sustainable livelihood approach and develops a framework on how mining and exploration interventions can help support communities adjacent to mining operations to maintain their livelihoods and meet their own development aspirations. The Project was led by Dr. Isabel B. Franco from idea to execution. To find out more about the livelihood strategies read “Dr. Isabel B. Franco’s book: ‘Beyond CSR? The global business of local sustainability.”